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Gouache Miniatures 30th June 2024


Betfred Live Casino10am - 4.30pm 

Ages 13+ 

All Supplies included - You may bring your own brushes if you like!

In this workshop we'll be diving into the world of gouache! This beautiful medium has had a resurgence in the art world over the last few years. Originally used by graphic designers because of it's edit-ability, this water-based medium is a favourite of both our staff & students. It is the sibling of watercolour, made from the same stuff, but is used opaquely rather than transparent like watercolour. The effect gives an almost oil-like look to paintings. In this workshop we will be working with lovely HIMI gouache palettes. 

This workshop will cover:

  • Betfred loginHow to use the correct texture of gouache
  • How to build up gouache in layers
  • How to blend gouache 
  • Colour mixing 
  • Creating depth & realism in your painting
  • Using a limited palette 
  • What brushes are best for gouache painting

On the day we'll be showing you how to control the medium, layer it and blend it. We always love to give the students a chance to practice a little with the medium before we jump into our paintings. Once we have experienced & understood the medium, we will spend the rest of the day creating our miniature gouaches. Our teaching will be mostly 1 on 1 as we find individual feedback has the best results for students!

We will break for lunch during this workshop so feel free to BYO lunch. 

We look forward to introducing you to the wonderful medium gouache is!

Workshop participants will receive a 15% discount in store on the day of the workshop.


T&C of Enrolment 

- If you are unable to attend this workshop you can apply for a refund if we are given 7+ days notice. Please contact if you are unable to attend.

- If you are unable to attend this workshop & give less than 7 days notice you can ask for a credit to be used at future workshops at the school. Please contact if you are unable to attend.

- Workshop credit cannot be used towards term classes or the store. 

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